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“Jazz Tribune”: The Complete UNA MAE CARLISLE (1940-1942) & JOHN KIRBY (1941-1942)

November 28, 2007

Don’cha hate it when, while browsing online for CD’s, you find incomplete info on a disc you might otherwise be interested in? It happened to me at Amazon while searching for early 1940’s Una Mae Carlisle. After noting that the advertised 11 songs would hardly require the 2 CD’s comprising the set, I pulled the trigger on “buy with 1-click” (and not for the price currently listed!!!). I’m glad I did it too. Here’s what I received…

Contents and sessionography of RCA’s:

“Jazz Tribune”
The Complete UNA MAE CARLISLE (1940-1942) & JOHN KIRBY (1941-1942)

Disc 1:
1. Now I Lay Me Down To Dream (T. Fiorito – E. Howard)
2. Papa’s In Bed With His Britches On (J. Stone)
3. If I Had You (Shapiro – Campbell – Connelly)
4. You Made Me Love You (McCarthy – Monaco)
5. Walkin’ By The River (R. Sour – U.M. Carlisle)
6. I Met You Then, I Know You Now (U.M. Carlisle – L. “Stuff” Smith)
7. Blitzkrieg Baby (You Can’t Bomb Me) (Fisher)
8. Beautiful Eyes (G. Whiting – T. Snyder)
9. There’ll Be Some Changes Made (B. Higgins – W.B. Overstreet)
10. It’s Sad But True (Stoner – Block – Green)
11. I See A Million People (U.M. Carlisle – R. Sour)
12. Oh! I’m Evil (I. Kirby Walker)
13. You Mean So Much To Me (E. Battle – K. Bryson)
14. The Booglie Wooglie Piggy (Roy Jacobs)
15. Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (J. Kern – O. Hammerstein II)
16. It Ain’t Like That (Una Mae Carlisle)
17. Anything (P. Napoleon – F. Signorelli)
18. City Called Heaven (Bob Warren)
19. I’m The One Who Loves You (L. Grey – M. Kortlander)

1-4: “Una Mae Carlisle” – Una Mae Carlisle (vocal & piano), accompanied by John “Bugs” Hamilton (tp), Albert Casey (g), Cedric Wallace (b), Slick Jones (dm); August 2nd, 1940, New York City

5-6: “Una Mae Carlisle” – Una Mae Carlisle (vocal & piano), accompanied by Benny Carter (tp), Everett Barksdale (g), Leroy “Slam” Stewart (b), Zutty Singleton (dm); November 13th, 1940, New York City

7-10: “Una Mae Carlisle” – Una Mae Carlisle (vocal) accompanied by Lester “Shad” Collins (tp), Lester Young (ts), Clyde Hart (p), John Collins (g), Nick Fenton (b), Hal West (dm); March 10th, 1941, New York City

11-14: “Una Mae Carlisle acc. by John Kirby & his Orchestra” – Charlie Shavers (tp), William “Buster” Bailey (cl), Russell Procope (as), William “Billy” Kyle (p), John Kirby (b), William “O’Neil” Spencer (dm); May 1st, 1941, New York City

15-18: Same, but July 22nd, 1941, New York City

19 plus 1-3, Disc 2: Same, but “Specs” Powell (dm) replaces Spencer; October 3rd, 1941, New York City

Disc 2:
1. My Wish (B. Young – U.M. Carlisle)
2. Coffee And Cakes (U.M. Carlisle – R. Sour)
3. Moonlight Masquerade (Lawrence – Camerata)
4. Don’t Tetch It! (Frank Madden)
5. So Long Shorty (B. Young – U.M. Carlisle)
6. I’m Tryin’ (Maria Kramer)
7. Sweet Talk (R. Sour – U.M. Carlisle)
8. Close Shave (Shavers – Kirby)
9. Bugler’s Dilemma (Lou Singer)
10. It’s Only A Paper Moon (Harburg – Rose – Arlen)
11. Fifi’s Rhapsody (J. Kirby – C. Shavers)
12. Night Whispers (Lou Singer)
13. Tweed Me (William Kyle)
14. Move Over (Charles Shavers)
15. Wondering Where (Charles Shavers)
16. Keep Smilin’ (Lou Singer)
17. Comin’ Back (Charles Shavers)
18. No Blues At All (William Kyle)
19. St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy)
20. St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy)

4-7: Same, but February 13th, 1942, New York City

8-11: “John Kirby & his Orchestra” – Charlie Shavers (tp), William “Buster” Bailey (cl), Russell Procope (as), William “Billy” Kyle (p), John Kirby (b), William “O’Neil” Spencer (dm); Lou Singer (arr: “Bugler’s Dilemma”); July 25th, 1941, New York City

12-15: Same, but “Specs” Powell (dm) replaces Spencer; Lou Singer (arr: “Night Whipers”); October 7th, 1941, New York City

16-20: Same, but vocal trio on “Keep Smilin’” is Shavers, Bailey, & Procope; Lou Singer (arr: “Keep Smilin’”); February 11th, 1942, New York City


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November 28, 2007

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